Poster Competition

Poster Competition

Welcome to our Poster Session!

The poster competition will award prizes to students in the amount of $500 each, and honorable mentions to other posters in 3 categories: Best Commercial Potential, Most Innovative, and Highest Scientific Merit. You should not specify the category of your submission in your abstract or poster; this will be determined by the judges. All research areas relevant to additive manufacturing are welcome.

Congratulations to Our Poster Session Winners!


Best Commercial Potential

Grace Falanga

Most Innovative

Jenniffer Bustillos

Highest Scientific Merit

Qi Tang

Topology optimization for additive manufacturing of porous media burners

Aniruddha Saha

Not all defects are bad defects: A paradoxical approach to achieve higher performing microstructures in additive manufacturing

Jenniffer Bustillos

Use of atomizing gas for microstructure and phase control in Precipitation hardened (PH) 17-4 stainless steel

Kaushalendra Singh

Exploring the Material Property Space of Asymmetric Lattice Metamaterials

Srikar Srivatsa

The effect of solidification pathway on grain boundary fractality

Akane Wakai

Additive Manufacturing of Non-Oxide Ceramics for SmallSat Thruster Chambers

Grace Falanga

In-situ Reactive Printing of Aluminum Matrix Composite with Ultra-high Volume Fraction Reinforcement

Chenxi Tian

Operando synchrotron x-ray diffraction during metal additive manufacturing to de-convolute the complex nature of the solidification process

Adrita Dass

Simulation and topology optimization for additive manufacturing of gas diffusion electrodes

Joshua Krsek

Real-Time Measurement of Cell Concentration During Bioprinting Using the Smart Syringe

Alicia Matavosian

Physically Based Constitutive Modeling on the Ultra High-Rate Deformation of Metals in Additive Manufacturing

Qi Tang

Development of Engineered Gas Diffusions Layers via Micro-scale Manufacturing

Giancarlo D’Orazio

Controlled Molten Metal Deposition: Toward Low-Cost, High-Value Additive Manufacturing

George Abbott

Physical Network Crosslinking of Collagen-based Bioinks for Cartilage Bioprinting

Leigh Slyker

Load Sharing and Failure Mechanisms in Cold Spray Ni-CrC Composites: a Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Study

Lewei He