Material Design by Additive Manufacturing

KK Wang Industry Day

Join Cornell University for a virtual symposium that merges industry and academia. The program will feature keynote talks, presentations from academic and industrial leaders, and a poster competition.


Friday, April 29, 2022

10 AM – 4 PM EST


Additive manufacturing holds the promise to transform things we interact with on a daily basis – from cars, airplanes, houses, and even our bodies. Much of this innovation has been driven by a new generation of materials that enable higher levels of function from printed parts. 

Symbiotically, additive manufacturing methods enable development of (or synthesis of) new materials. From high performance metals used in jet engines, to elastomers used in flexible robots, and bio-inks used to make living medical implants, innovations in materials used in additive manufacturing hold the key to next generation technologies. 

This symposium will bring together experts at Cornell University and all sectors of industry to discuss the exciting future of manufacturing technology.

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3D Bioprinting

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High-Performance Materials

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Mechanical Metamaterials

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Polymer 3D Printing

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Free-Form Fabrication

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High-Resolution Ceramics

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